3M - 5916 2' X 150' Welding and Spark Deflection Paper

3M - 5916 2' X 150' Welding and Spark Deflection Paper
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Product Description

3M™ Welding and Spark Deflection Paper is a flame-retardant, repositionable, adhesive-backed paper product used to protect vertical surfaces from damage caused by welding spatter and grinding sparks. It is designed for use on vertical surfaces, such as: •automotive glass •painted sheet metal •automotive light fixtures •and many other vertical surfaces

The product is not designed for installation on horizontal surfaces, such as roofs, decklids, hoods, carpeting on floorboards. It is not designed to prevent heat transfer from sparks or spatter that are allowed to sit in one position on the paper, these will burn through. If the surface is horizontal, has areas where sparks could catch and burn, or if there are any other questions about whether this product is appropriate, it is better to use 3M™ High Performance Welding Drape (PN 05919).