3M - 16122 CS(4) PPS MIDI 400ml CUP & COLLAR

3M - 16122 CS(4) PPS MIDI 400ml CUP & COLLAR
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Product Description

Part Number: 16122 UPC: 00051131161221 Stock Number: 60455058382

Midi 400 mL or 13.5 oz size, hard cup that supports and holds the PPS Midi flexible line, part numbers: 16112 and 16312.

About the new Midi size: You asked for a PPS™ Cup, Lid and Liner that was smaller than our Standard size, but larger than the Mini. 3M is excited to offer the new Midi PPS™ - giving you the most comprehensive range of PPS™ size options for precise, accurate coverage. Ideal for two-panel repairs that require 13.5 fluid ounces of material or less.

Benefits •Midi's 400mL or 13.5 ounce size is ideal for painters to mix paint (primer, sealer, base and clear coats) for two-panel repairs. •3M™ PPS™ has the ability to reduce solvent use by up to 70 percent from traditional gravity cups •You can reduce cycle times, seeing fast and easy clean up using 3M™ PPS™; often more than 50 percent time savings •Efficient use of materials means less wasted paint. The PPS™ system means you can mix as much or as little as you need. •PPS™ gives you the ability to spray at all angles, 90 degree to the work surface; even upside down if needed; thus reducing overspray and material consumption.