Fusor® 130 Rigid Acoustical Foam (Super Fast)

Fusor® 130 Rigid Acoustical Foam (Super Fast)
LORD Fusor® 130 rigid acoustical foam can be used in automobile pillars, rocker panel areas and in other locations to promote sound deadening and reinforcement. LORD Fusor 130 rigid acoustical foam matches OEM hard foam appearance and does not retain moisture.


Primed or painted metals and all plastics.

OEM Approvals

• Ford: Recommended in panel repair TSBs • Chrysler: Recommended in door repair TSBs

Features and Benefits

• Fusor 130 = 10.1 oz (300 ml) • Matches OEM sound deadening foams commonly found in pillars, front rails, rockers and rear supports • Provides NVH properties for a quieter ride • Tough compressive strength for maximum energy absorption • Super fast application, providing full foam expansion in 3 minutes


Sound deadening, vibration dampening, reinforcement, sealing and filling of: fender reails, pillars, rocker panels, quarter panels and floors.