Blower Hanger™ Double Arm

Blower Hanger™ Double Arm
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Product Description

This amazing new product by Karajen Corp is the answer for affordable and convenient air-drying within a paint booth! Use the MagneticBLOWER HANGER™ anywhere you need it, and easily aim your portable blowers at the targets. Its wide reach and pivoting movement make it extremely easy to use. There is no air piping or booth retrofitting necessary. Just attach it to the wall using its powerful magnets and plug the air hose into the BLOWER HANGER™ between coats of paint. It is that simple!

Maximize floor space in the booth by avoiding floor stands that are intended for the shop area. *Blowers shown in picture are not included with the BLOWER HANGER™.

The Magnetic Blower Hanger™ offers the following features:

2 blower holding arms

Arms swivel 180 degrees left and right

Blowers swivel up and down to aim directly at target(s)

Arms retract fully against the wall when not in use

Move to any location in the spray booth due to its magnetic mounting

Reaches anywhere from lower rocker panels to the top of the roof

Solid Steel Construction with a Powder Coated Finish

Base Body Dimensions: width -12”, height - 20”

Depth with arm length fully extended: 24” plus length of blower

Shipping weight: approximately 15 lbs.

Blowers and couplers shown in picture are not included!!!